Private Consultations

Private consultations are available online and in-person, worldwide.

Newborn Care

Not looking for long term support? A newborn consultation will get you and your baby off to a successful start. This can be a great update for grandparents and caregivers to refresh their newborn skills. Consultations are tailored to your unique needs and may include:

  • Swaddling techniques

  • Setting up a routine

  • Feeding assessment

  • Teaching you how to recognize your baby's cues

  • Car seat safety

  • Safe and healthy sleep habits

  • Diapering tips

  • Bathing and grooming


Experienced supporting both breastfeeding/chestfeeding and formula feeding parents, Katie can counsel you on:

  • Assessing latch

  • Finding ways to meet your feeding goals

  • Providing information on pumps, bottles, and associated supplies

  • Choosing the right formula for your family

  • Educating about proper storage of milk

  • Teaching sanitary preparation of bottles

  • Introduction of table foods



On the move where a stroller is not practical? As an avid babywearer herself, and an experienced Babywearing Educator since 2012, Katie can help:

  • Select the right carrier for your needs

  • Teach you how to use it comfortably

  • Instruct on safety practices


Car Seats

Child Passenger Safety Technicians teach caregivers how to install and use their car seats safely every time. In your private appointment, Katie will:

  • Walk you through choosing and setting up your car seat

  • Teach you how to install and uninstall in your vehicle, planes, and taxis/rentals

  • Have you practice installation

  • Explain how to properly strap your child in the seat

  • Go over maintaining safe practices


Private checks can be done at your home or in a public location. It is highly recommended that all adult caregivers and child passengers be present (prenatal checks are strongly encouraged). Please allow ample time for appointments.