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Continuing Education for Nannies and Caregivers

I love, love, love continuing education. I recognize that I am an outlier on that subject, but I love my job and this is more information about my job! Yes, I'm a giant nerd.

In my searches for cool new information, I have compiled a list of classes and organizations. I haven't taken all of these classes. This is not any kind of review or statement on their validity or quality. I'm not affiliated with these.

Do your own research before purchasing any classes. Be aware that many of these programs may offer certifications or certificates that are not necessarily backed by official sources.

ECE/Nanny Organizations:

Newborn Care:


CPR/First Aid, Health, Safety:

Nanny/Governess Schools:

Nanny Training:

Driving/Car Seats:


Household Manager:




Education/Parenting Styles:

Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders:

Free/Low Cost Online Courses:

Additional Training for Home Child Care and Teaching:

*Distance Learning Sites offering Registry-Approved training for Illinois child care providers:

This list is FAR from exhaustive. If I find out new information, I will add it. Please share any resources I missed!


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